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If you are learning German in order to work in Germany, another German-speaking country or in your home country with German companies, then you not only need a flawless Business German.

It is also essential that you get familiar with the typical habits and customs of the German culture and its people. This starts with the typical German rules of conduct, continues with small talk and conversation in German and ends with how to apply for a job properly.

And if you successfully master this step, the real challenge will only come – the job interview in German. Something that many of our students have great respect (and sometimes even fear) of. On one hand understandable – but on the other hand unnecessary. With the right preparation and approach, even as a non-German native speaker you will have no problem finding a job in Germany.


Our on point training prepares you optimally for your job application in German.

To support you professionally in this task, we have created this specific German course at our language school in Berlin-Mitte: A German application training in 4 steps. Based on our many years of experience in taking care of newly arrived in Berlin (and Germany) – not only with learning to speak German, but also with taking their first steps in their new life.

In this course you are optimally prepared for your application process in four parts. In addition to preparing a complete application also a job interview is simulated, which helps you to appear more secure and self-confident “in a real-case scenario”.

The four parts of the course are structured as follows:

  • Part 1: Personality
  • Part 2: Curriculum vitae
  • Part 3: Cover letter
  • Part 4: Interview

We ask you to bring your own laptop to the training course!

3 full hours per part

Experienced trainers

Interactive teaching methods

Not more than 4-6 participants

To whom our job application training is adressed?

In order to be able to participate in this course, you should at least possess the German B1 level. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to follow the course. Furthermore, you should also have at least a German B1 certificate for a future job – better still, even a little higher.

Would you like to improve your German before the application training? Join one of our German beginner courses for the levels A1 and A2!


Check out our course calendar to find the class in your language level.


Get ready for your career in Germany!

GERMAN: The key to your success!

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When does our German application training take place?

The course times are Fridays 15:00-18:00 (for 4 weeks), i.e. in each part we dedicate 3 full hours of our time to you.

Is our job application training also available for native German speakers?

Of course – we also offer job application trainings for native German speakers. Simply contact us (without obligation) at or call us directly on +49 (0)30 555 74 919.

What does our job application training cost?

It costs 60€ per part or 220€ for all 4 parts. We recommend to do all 4 parts together, because they (at least partly) build on each other. This way you will get the most benefitand therefore success – out of our course.

Per part

only 60€

All 4 parts

only 220€