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We provide you with the necessary environment to sucessfully learn German. Beginning with a free and personal consultation in several languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish or Indonesian), as well as an equally free German placement test (German Test for A1 and A2 and German Test for B1 and B2), we assure that we can offer you the right solution for your personal needs. Of course, there are no costs incurred for you before not commiting to register for one of our German courses!

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Not more than 5-10 participants

interactive classes

native and experienced teachers

fast progress

German courses for beginners and slightly advanced learners

(A1.1/ A1.2/ A2.1/ A2.2/ B1.1/ B1.2)

In our German language courses for the levels A1 to B1 you learn the basics of the German language quickly and efficiently. The maximum number of participants in all our courses is 10. You will be supervised by experienced and native language teachers. Due to the small number of participants, you continuously and actively take part in learning activities such as role-plays and discussions, apply what you have learned directly and therefore make rapid progress. All our German beginner courses can be taken either as semi-intensive or intensive courses.

4 weeks 
Intensive Course

Only 349€ (64 Units*)

Intensive Courses

8 weeks 
Semi-Intensive Course

Only 349€ (60 Units*)

English Evening Courses or Evening Courses

*1Unit = 45 Minutes

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German for advanced students plus Business German

(B2.1/ B2.2/ C1.1/ C1.2)

In our German language courses for the levels B2 to C1, you learn the general use of the German language as well as its professional application: vocabulary and phrases for everyday work situations, e-mails, presentations and telephone conversations in German. Learn German for your job and become increasingly confident in your use of the language. All off our advanced German courses can be taken either as semi-intensive or intensive courses.

4 weeks 
Intensive Course

Only 359€ (80 Units*)

Intensive Courses

8 weeks 
Semi-Intensive Course

Only 359€ (60 Units*)

English Evening Courses orEvening Courses

*1Unit = 45 Minutes

Need to improve your Business German?

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German Grammar Cheatsheet

We have created a free and handy cheatsheet to learn the German grammar for you.
It gives you a quick and easy-to-use overview of the most important topics of the German grammar.

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As already mentioned, you can take all our German courses either as intensive or semi-intensive course. In addition, we offer specific German courses on various topics such as conversation, grammar, phonetics or even exam preparation. If you cannot find your perfect language course among our already existing variety of offers, we will do our best to arrange tailor-made German lessons for your personal needs. Sprachinstitut Berlin – with us everything is possible.


Learning German at our language school in Berlin-Mitte is not only about successful language learning, but above all it’s about having fun together.

Intensive German course

4 days per week

3 hours per day

4 weeks = 1 course

Monday to Thursday

8:30 – 11:30 or
11:45 – 14:45 or
15:00 – 18:00

Beginner A1.1 to B1.2: Only 349€ for 4 weeks
Advanced B2.1 to C2.2: Only 359€ for 4 weeks

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Semi-intensive German course

2 days per week

3 hours per day

8 weeks = 1 course

Monday & Wednesday


Tuesday & Thursday

as German evening classes

from 18:15 to 21:15

Beginner (A1.1 to B1.2): Only 349€ for 8 weeks
Advanced (B2.1 to C2.2): Only 359€ for 8 weeks

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Specific German courses

1 day per week

3 hours per day

4 weeks = 1 course

5 course types:

German conversation course, German grammar course, German phonetics course (pronunciation), German-B2 TELC preparation course, Job application training

18:15 – 21:15

starting from only 112€ per course

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Individual German lessons

  • personal consultation
  • tailor-made solutions
  • customized learning contents

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New German language courses start every month. Here you can find our current course dates!

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In our advanced German courses, in which we also teach Business German, you not only learn German according to the European Framework of Reference (see picture on the left). We also teach you all the necessary grammar rules and vocabulary to obtain valid German language certificates. With our optimized exam preparation (for example for the TELC test) you are going to breeze through the requisite examinations and tests. Promised!

Basic German course

  • Conversation
  • General vocabulary
  • Phonetics/Pronunciation
  • Listening comprehension
  • Written expression
  • Grammar

+ Business German

  • Formal and informal use of language
  • Practical communication at the workplace
  • Enhancement of professional language competence
  • Structuring of professional expression
  • Sensibilization for intercultural differences
  • Exam preparation

In addition to the mandatory requirements of the European Framework of Reference, our courses include job-specific topics. Hereby you not only learn everyday German, but also professional expression in an also professional environment. This way you improve your expressive skills and learn how to adapt your tone to different social situations.

Join us (and hundreds of happy students) now and take your German to the next level. Sprachinstitut Berlin – the professional Berlin language school with heart.

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Our Specific German Courses (from level A2 on)

Are optimized to help you learning a specific aspect of the German language. In this German courses you can selectively improve your pronunciation, vocabulary or grammar skills. If you are currently learning German in the B or C area, these courses offer you a particularly valuable assistance.

Individual German courses

If you have special wishes or would like to work selectively on specific topics, please contact us and we will create a tailor-made solution for you. We happily plan and organise individual lessons – tailored to your needs and learning objectives. Learn German individually with a teacher whose qualifications are ideally suited for your needs.

German courses for companies

One-to-one German lessons