Hybrid Courses

Hybrid course – ONLINE AND OFFLINE learning

Stay flexible and learn one day online and the other day at the language school!

maximum 10 people per group

1-10 people online

1-10 people in the room

Be in our school on one day and online on the next!

Online or Offline

The best of two worlds! 

You decide whether you are online or in school!

Guaranteed learning

In quarantine? No problem – attend the course online!

State of the art technology

Our 360-degree camera allows you to experience the feeling of sitting in a room online!

100% authentic learning experience

Whether online or in school – the quality of learning remains interactive and efficient!

Hybrid Course
Decide every day whether you are online or offline!

We unite the best of two worlds in one course:

⇒ Combine two learning experiences in one hybrid course


Find your perfect Hybrid class

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To the courses

♥ Flexibility of an online course

5 people as online participants

You can learn





♥ Interactive courses in person

5 people present at the course at our school

What is a Hybrid Course? 

Learn online or at our language school in Berlin 

With our Hybrid Courses you can choose each day whether you participate in the course online or at the our school. This means that in your course the teacher will be in the classroom with about 1-4 other students, while at the same time 1-4 other students will join online.

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Monday to Thursday 9:00 – 18:30
Friday 9:00 – 15:00

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Decide each day afresh

The idea is that you can decide every day anew whether to participate online or in person. The course is flexible, meaning that you can decide every day how you want to participate in the course. Should you wish to attend the entire course online at home, this is of course also possible. 

Due to social distancing regulations, only a small number of participants can attend the course at the school at any one time. Therefore, your teacher will discuss with you and the other participants every day who will come to the school the next day and who will take part online.

Why should I book a Hybrid Course? 

With our hybrid courses, we give you the opportunity to get the full language learning experience while maintaining a safe social distance from each other. 

Perhaps you can concentrate better in our learning environment or you are simply looking forward to seeing your fellow students again?
You are not in Berlin every day, but are travelling through Germany on business, but would like to enjoy the atmosphere of a classroom course?

Book a Hybrid Course now!

You can find our course calendar here

Choose where you study

Visit our courses at Sprachinstitut Berlin when you are on site and take part in the course online, should you be away from Berlin for a day.

Atmosphere of face-to-face learning

Because you participate online and in our school, our atmosphere in the course is the same as in normal face-to-face courses. Laugh with other participants and have fun in class!

Coronavirus learning guarantee

Lockdown or not, our courses will continue! Even if you have to go into quarantine, with our hybrid courses you can always continue learning and attend the course online. 

Safe learning

With our hybrid courses we can keep the 1.5m social distance rule in your classroom. This means you don’t need a mask during the lessons! 

What do I need for my Hybrid Course?

Please bring these things with you, if you are visiting our school.

You need your mask to move freely in the corridors or in the office. You don’t have to to wear your mask in class.

Laptop OR Tablet OR Smartphone

During your class in school you will need a device through which you can connect to Zoom. This is important for interaction with other participants and for group work.
Please do not forget your charging cable!


You will not need headphones all the time, but for our group work headphones are important.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will my teacher be in the classroom?

Your teacher will be in the classroom with the participants in the school. In case of illness or quarantine the teacher might, as an exception, teach online. However, this is very rarely the case.

Can I come to school every day?

The participation in the school depends on the size of the group. If there is a maximum of 8 participants in a group, 4 participants per day can be in the school. This is due to our room size and the distance rule of 1.5m in the classroom.
The time in the classroom is divided equally between all participants. So if all participants want to participate in the school, it is possible that you will still attend 50% of the course online.
Most of the time, however, we have some students who take the whole course online.

Can I participate online everyday?

Yes, online participation is always possible.

Can I decide each day, whether I participate online or offline?

Yes, you can decide for each day anew. It is important that you inform your teacher in time so that he or she can prepare the lessons accordingly and ensure that the maximum number of participants in the room in the school is not exceeded.

By when do I have to decide whether to participate online or in school?

Your decision must be made by the beginning of the previous course day. You should also inform your teacher by then.

Example: You have a course every Tuesday & Thursday. Please decide by Tuesday before the start of the course how you would like to join the course on Thursday.

How do I inform the teacher as to whether I am participating online or in the school?

The teacher will ask you briefly during the course how you would like to participate the next day. If you are not present on a day, please email your teacher.

Why is it so important, that my teacher knows how I will participate in the course?

Your teacher must plan the lesson with interactive group activities- In order for the teacher to organise the course well, they need to know how many participants will be online and how many will be in the classroom.

Can I interact with other students when I participate online?

Yes, with our 360 degree camera, the class will feel like being in school even if you are online.

Is there group work in the hybrid course?

Yes, your hybrid course will be a very interactive live class! You will be able to interact with all your classmates equally.

Can I participate in my course when I am in quarantine?

Yes, of course! You can always participate in the course online, even when you are in quarantine or you feel ill.