Specific English courses for advanced learners at the Sprachinstitut Berlin

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Our specific English courses focus on particular aspects of the English language – and how to improve them. These courses are especially for students who still have weaknesses in certain topics and would like to improve them sistematically. Participate in our special courses to gain more confidence using English in everyday life.

We offer the following special English courses at our language school in Berlin-Mitte:

  • English conversation training
  • English grammar course
  • TOEFL preparation course
  • IELTS preparation course

The advantages of our English courses at a glance:


Competent and experienced English teachers!


Talk a lot – improve a lot!


Learn English intensively and with fun!


English courses for every budget – starting from only 85€!


New English language courses start every month. Get up to date with our current course dates!

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Which special courses to learn English do we offer?

English conversation course

In this course you practice speaking freely in English. Both for private and professional purposes (Business English). Through regular communication in English you expand your vocabulary with linguistic finesse and improve your fluency. In a comfortable and professional environment you can test and expand your communication skills in a relaxed manner. In this course you quickly improve your English speaking skills through active participation and constant practice.

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English grammar course 

In our grammar course you deepen or extend your knowledge of the English grammar. Specific grammatical problems are dealt with and worked out interactively together as a group. The aim of this course is to improve your grammatical competence for both correspondence and oral language use.

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german courses for advanced learners

Our specific English courses are aimed primarily at students who are already at an advanced level and want to improve their English in certain areas. We also offer targeted preparation for English exams (such as the TOEFL or IELTS).

TOEFL preparation course

In our TOEFL preparation course, you are accompanied by a native-speaking TOEFL expert in the preparation for the exam. It is important to know that you should already have the appropriate language skills for the desired score. The preparation course only includes the strategic and structural preparation for the test. Exercises, simulated test situations and strategic work instructions ensure that you are perfectly prepared. In a small group of 4 to 10 participants, the teacher addresses your personal weaknesses and actively supports you in preparing for the TOEFL test. We guarantee you a structured test preparation with excellent results. Our interactive and communicative teaching methods guarantee you a fun preparation time with high learning success.

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IELTS preparation course

In this course a native speaking language teacher prepares you for the 4 categories of the IELTS test. Improve your reading as well as listening comprehension and practice speaking and writing based on current exam questions. Interactive exercises will not only prepare you for your IELTS test but also improve your general English skills. The classes focus on identifying and addressing the individual weaknesses of the participants. Based on your current language skills, specific topics will be repeated and trained. This will ensure that you achieve the best possible results later on in the test.

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Learn English with the team of the Sprachinstitut Berlin. We offer:

  • lively language application,
  • active comprehension exercises,
  • dynamic approach to the English grammar,
  • as well as varied use of language.
  • This guarantees rapid progress and lasting success.

Join us (and hundreds of satisfied students) now and take your English to the next level. Sprachinstitut Berlin – the professional berlin language school with heart.

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English: The key to your success!

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