Learn to speak German with confidence – practice and train your speaking skills with our conversation classes

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In our conversation course you practice to speak freely in German, both for private and professional purposes. Through regular communication in German you will expand your vocabulary with linguistic finesse and improve your fluency. In the friendly and professional environment of our language school in Berlin-Mitte you can practice without pressure and expand your communication skills in a relaxed environment. In this course you rapidly improve your spoken German through active participation and constant practice.

  • Learning with fun – entertaining conversation exercises!
  • More confidence and self-assurance when speaking!
  • Speak more fluently and improve your German communication skills!
  • Evening German course from 18:15 to 21:15.
  • Affordable course fee: Only 85€ for the whole course.

German Conversation Course

4 weeks
1x per week for full 3h
18:15 – 21:15
Only 85€ for 4 weeks





To whom is our German conversation course addressed?

This special German course is suitable for everyone from German level B1 onwads. The conversation course is particularly suitable for participants who want to improve their oral expression and simply speak better German.

A large part of learning German is learning to speak. Due to the large amount of grammar in the German language, many German students have difficulty developing a natural speech flow. They think too much about the individual grammar rules and often get in their own way doing so. Our conversation course will help you to overcome your fear of speaking German and improve your oral language skills.

We create the basis for this through small groups of maximum 4-8 participants, so that there is enough time for the individual student to get practice and train his speaking skills. Through entertaining conversation exercises and interesting discussion topics, the lessons are fun and you quickly improve your spoken German.

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Why is our German conversation course for the level B1 or higher?

In the German language courses for the A-level you have to build up a basic vocabulary and learn the basic structures of the German language. Therefore the speech flow naturally still is limited – the language teacher often has to intervene to help. To ensure that the focus of communication is on the participants’ side, we therefore require at least a B1 level for this conversation course.

Are participants from all levels in the same course?

No, our German conversation courses are held at 2 levels. Participants from B1 and B2.1 have lessons together, while participants from B2.2 and C1 study in another group.

Possible topics in our German conversation courses:

The topics depend entirely on the wishes of the course participants. Since we allow a maximum of 8 students per course, the teacher can very well take the individual requests and needs into account. This is a selection of the topics that can be covered in our conversation classes:

how to Give Opinions
everyday life in germany
Berlin - a wild one
short presentations

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The advantages of our German conversation classes:

Fast progress in small groups

Friendly and comfortable learning atmosphere

Personal and professional advice

Additional free events to practice and train your German

Assistance in finding accommodation if required

Learn to speak German with the team from Sprachinstitut Berlin. We offer:

  • lively language application,
  • active comprehension exercises,
  • dynamic approach to the German grammar,
  • as well as varied use of language.
  • This guarantees rapid progress and lasting success.

Join us (and hundreds of satisfied students) now and take your German to the next level. Sprachinstitut Berlin – the professional berlin language school with heart.

German Conversation Course

4 weeks
1x per week for full 3h
18:15 – 21:15

from B1 on

only 85€

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