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You need a personal English trainer? No matter whether you want to prepare specifically for an exam, a stay abroad or a job in an English-speaking company. Or you simply want to make rapid progress in learning English. No problem – we happily going to provide you with one of our experienced native-speaking English teachers to take care of you and your specific needs (plus one of your friends/colleagues if you wish). Private all-round support for your personal success.

60 full minutes per lesson

Experienced native language teachers

Interactive teaching methods

Alone or together with a friend

Our private English lessons – the perfect option for rapid learning progress:

You haven’t found the right English course for you in our existing course offering? You do not want to share the attention of the English trainer with other students? Are you under time pressure or only available at rather unusual times? In all these cases (and more) our one-to-one English training is the right choice.

You set your own learning objectives and also determine your own class times. Whether you want to learn specific technical vocabulary, eliminate weaknesses with the English grammar, prepare for a job interview or review specific topics with a teacher before an exam – we have the right trainer for you so that your one-to-one English lessons are tailored to your goals.

What you learn with our private English lessons:

With our one-to-one tuition we offer you the opportunity to practice and improve your language skills individually together with your personal English teacher. This means that you are completely free to choose the time (almost) as well as the topics of your lessons. As already mentioned, the content and schedule of your individual lessons is completely up to you and your personal requirements.

What do our English one-to-one classes cost as hybrid classes?

In hybrid private lessons you can choose for every appointment anew whether you would like to learn in person in our language school in Berlin or online. Surely, you also have the possibility of taking every class as an offline, in person class. 

1 hour

only 70€

5 hours or more

60€ per hour

10 hours or more

51€ per hour

Prices are per hour (60 minutes)

Please be aware that an additional fee of 10€ per hour applies to private lessons on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

For more information about special private lessons (like the preparation for the Medical German Test Preparation) please send us your questions via mail to info@sprachinstitut-berlin.de.

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Sharing private classes

If you know someone with the same language level, then you can share private classes for the normal price! As for the third person, the price per hour would then double.

You can also learn English online with us – via Zoom:

You don’t live in Berlin (or not in Germany at all) or would rather learn English in the relaxed atmosphere of your home – no problem. Our English courses and teachers are also available for you from your home computer. And what could be more convenient than learning a new language in the comfort of your own four walls and with all the peace and quiet you need. No travel, no stress and above all the full attention of the teacher.

1 hour

Only 65€

5 hours or more

Only 55€ per hour

10 hours or more

Only 51€ per hour

Prices are per hour (60 minutes)

Please be aware that an additional fee of 10€ per hour applies to private lessons on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

Information we need from you 


Please let us know how many hours per week you wish to study and which days and times of the week you prefer. We recommend students to take either 60 or 90 minute sessions for private lessons, as longer sessions normally result in lack of concentration by the end of the lesson. Feel free to choose any duration you wish for a singular session. Session lengths can also change from lesson to lesson if you wish. 


Private lessons can be held in our rooms at Sprachinstitut Berlin, Kommandantenstr. 80, 10117 Berlin, or in your own home. If you have the space and wish to study in your own home, please let us know. Depending on where in Berlin you live, a travel fee may be applicable. 


Your test results are already great help for our teachers to prepare for your private lesson. Maybe you also have certain topics you are especially interested in or goals you need to reach in a certain period of time. Feel free to tell us your wishes, as we will then be able to choose a teacher who is best suitable to your needs. 

Any more questions?

Contact us for more information.

+49 (0)30 555 74 919


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You would like to book a different number of individual lessons? No problem. Write us an email with the number, the hours you want to book and the language you want to learn, so we can make you an offer.