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In our TOEFL preparation course, you will be accompanied by a native-speaking TOEFL expert in preparing for the exam. Here it is important to know that you should already have the appropriate language skills for the desired score. The preparation course only includes the strategic and structural preparation for the test.

Exercises, simulated test situations and strategic work instructions will prepare you . In a small group of 4 to 10 participants, our English teacher will address your personal weaknesses and actively support you in preparing for the TOEFL test. The interactive and communicative teaching methods in this special English course guarantee you a structured test preparation with excellent results. Through our interactive and communicative teaching methods you are going to have a preparation time with fun and yet high learning success.

Native-speaking teachers

With profound training and longstanding experience!


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TOEFL test preparation course in Berlin-Mitte:

The “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL-Test) is a standardized English placement test that is accepted by most universities in the USA and many large companies as proof of your English language skills. In our course, an experienced, native-speaking English teacher prepares you specifically and intensively for the 4 categories of the test:

Reading Comprehension ✓
Listening Comprehension
Written Expression

⇒ We prepare you optimally for the 4 parts of the TOEFL exam.

You go to the exam well prepared and with self-confidence to pass it!

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Further information about the TOEFL preparation course at our language school in Berlin-Mitte:

Intensive Course

2 weeks = 1 course
5 days per week
3 hours per day

Monday to Friday
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Only 330EUR*

What do you learn in our TOEFL preparation course?

Our TOEFL preparation course focuses on identifying and correcting participants’ weaknesses. Based on current language skills, specific topics are repeated and trained. This guarantess you to achieve the best possible result in the test.

Tips for optimal organization with regard to the time available.

Targeted strategies to increase your points in the individual subareas.

Practice the individual parts of the TOEFL test using real exam questions.

Direct feedback on your current skills – and weaknesses.

Individualized advice on how to write and speak freely.

Is the TOEFL test included in the course?

The TOEFL test is not included in the course. Therefore, it is necessary that you register separately at one of the TOEFL Test Centers in order to take the test.

Information about the TOEFL Test

What is the TOEFL test?

The TOEFL test is a standardized computer-based English test which is held at various test centers around the world. This test is mainly based on scientific English and for this reason it is especially designed for students of English from B1 level – better from B2 – onwards.

The entire TOEFL test is held on the computer, which limits the time of the individual participant and therefore requires a very structured and time-efficient approach. The test takes 4 hours in total, with a 10-minute break after about 2 hours. Each part of the TOEFL test is very limited in time.

 4 hour test with a 10 minute break
Computer-based (also the oral part)
 American English (AE)
No additional tools allowed (e.g. dictionary)

What do you need the TOEFL test?

The TOEFL test is a certified English language test that is recognized around the world. With the help of this test you can prove your current level of English. The test is often required by international universities or employers as proof of language ability. Please note that the test result is only valid for 2 years.

How is the TOEFL test structured?

Reading Comprehension

60-80 minutes
3-4 texts with 12-14 multiple-choice questions

Listening Comprehension

60-90 minutes
4-6 texzs with 6 multiple-choice questions each

Free Speaking

20 minutes
6 tasks with 45-60 seconds per answer

Writing (Written Expression)

20 minutes for integrated writing
30 minutes for independent writing


Check out our course calendar to find the class in your language level.


How many points can you get on the TOEFL test?

You can achieve a maximum of 120 points. Your level of English will be determined based on your score.

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A1: 9 to 29 points
A2: 30 to 42 points
B1: 43 to 71 points
B2: 72 to 94 points
C1: 95 to 120 points

Your English level is not sufficient for the points you are aiming for?

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