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Conversation course

4 Weeks
1x per Week
6:15pm – 9:15pm
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12 Hours per Course

Native-Language Teachers

Interactive Class

4-8 Participants


German Course Conversation in Berlin Mitte

Speak more fluently
Develop self-awareness when speaking
Have fun while learning
Improve your communication skills in English

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In this course you will gain the opportunity to be able to practice speaking German, be it for private or professional purposes. Familiarize yourself with regular communication in German by expanding your vocabulary with some linguistic finesse. In our friendly and professional environment you can test and expand your communication skills as you wish. Learn German to speak in daily life and enjoy yourself in the process.

For whom is the Conversation course designed?

 Everyone who is eager to improve their speaking skills and have at least Level B1 in German can take part in the German Conversation course.

This course is especially designed for participants who wish to improve their spoken German. A large part of learning the language is mastering the verbal communication. Many students have difficulties developing a natural flow of speech, because of the extensive use of grammar in the language. The students think usually too much about the particular grammar rules, which is in fact the biggest obstacle to speaking freely. Our Conversation course will help you overcome the fear of using the language and improve your ability to speak easily and accurately.

Why does the Conversation course start from B1?

The first stages of learning German (A-level) are aimed at building the core vocabulary and learning the basic sentence structures of the German language. The flow of speech at A-level is still very limited. To make sure that the focus is put on the communication, we require a language level of at least B1.

What`s the level of the other participants in the conversations course?

Our conversation courses are divided into 2 language groups. The participants from B1 and B2.1 are put together in one group, while the participants from B2.2 and C1 are forming the second group. This way we are making sure that the students in each group have the same language level and have an equal chance of progress.

Possible topics in the German Conversation course

The German Conversation course complies with the wishes and needs of the participants. The small size of the groups (maximum 8 participants per group) allows the teachers to include any topic desired by the students in the course. These are some of the topics, which are usually chosen in our Conversation course.

Represent an opinion
Daily life in Germany
Berlin - a wild city
Individual presentations


Faster progress in small groups

Friendly and comfortable atmosphere

Professional, personal counseling

Free additional events to practice the language

Help with finding an accommodation

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Conversation course

4 Wochen
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