General terms and conditions of Sprachinstitut Berlin – language school in Berlin-Mitte

Registration at our language school in Berlin-Mitte

You can register for a language course both online and personally in the office. After the registration a placement test will be done with you. The course is only definitively booked after the course fee has been paid and you have received a confirmation. If you need a visa, please schedule at least two months for obtaining one.

Minimum age

The minimum age for participation in our language courses is 16 years.

Authenticity of your personal data

By providing your personal data at the time of registration, you confirm its accuracy. If there is an incorrect placement due to lack of information or assistance with the placement test, the course fees will not be refunded.

Reservation of a course

A course is reserved for you for a maximum of 5 days. If no payment has been made by this date, the reservation will be cancelled.

Course fees

The course fees as well as the voluntary payment of a cancellation insurance are to be paid in total and in advance. The fees can be paid  by EC or Credit Card, by bank transfer or by Paypal. Possible bank charges for payment from abroad are not covered by “EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH”.


Payment of the course fees, as well as other costs, can be made by EC and Credit Card (Maestro or VPay, Mastercard, Visa) in our office or in advance by bank transfer or via Paypal.


Books are available in our office for various of our courses. The books are not included in the course price and can be purchased during the opening hours of the office. Sometimes the teachers use books that are not offered by the school. Used books cannot be exchanged.

Rebooking of courses

A change of the course (time or month) can be made at the latest 14 days before the start of the course.

Cancellation conditions

A course can be cancelled 14 days before the beginning and the already paid fees will be refunded. In case of refusal of a visa, the course fees will also be refunded 7 days before the start of the course. Proof of this must be presented.

For cancellations of more than 3 courses a handling fee of 45€ will be charged.

Furthermore there is the possibility of a cancellation insurance in case of non-attendance of a course (before the beginning of the course) or in case of cancellation (during the course). These insurances are only valid for one booked course.

Cancellation insurance in case of non-attendance of a course (before the beginning of the course)

With this insurance you can cancel the course up to one day before the start of the course. The additional costs are 5% of the course fee.

Cancellation insurance in case of course cancellation (during the course)

With this insurance you can cancel the course before and also during the duration of the course and will be reimbursed the remaining course fees. The additional costs are 10% of the course fee.

The costs for the cancellation insurance are not refundable.

Continued booking

A course is not automatically continued. Please register in time at the office for the next course.

Minimum number of participants

The minimum number of participants of a course is 5 persons. If the required number of participants is not reached, “EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH” reserves the right to choose one of the following options:

  • Change of the course time,
  • Course shortening,
  • Alternative offer,
  • Cancellation and refund of fees.

A change will be communicated by e-mail or telephone at least 3 working days before the start of the course. If you do not agree with the change, “EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH” will refund your course fee.


In case of irregular attendance or non-participation in a paid course, no refund of the course fee will be made. If a follow-up course is booked, a new placement test must be taken.

Confirmation of participation

At the end of a course, a free certificate of attendance is issued.

Divergent or cancelled course dates

The teacher can arrange different dates with the students. If a lesson is cancelled due to illness of the teacher, it will be made up on another day.

In case of cancellation due to force majeure, “EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH” will not refund the course fee.


No classes take place on public holidays. However, the teacher can decide whether the cancelled dates are made up at the end of the month on the days off. If there are no free days at the end of the month, the teacher can arrange another time with the group or make up for the course on a Saturday.

Classes at school or online

In our hybrid course we guarantee all participants the possibility to attend at least 50% of the course time at our school, Kommandantenstrasse 80, 10117 Berlin. If it is not possible to conduct the course at the Berlin location due to an official requirement (e.g. lockdown; quarantine of the teacher), this guarantee does not apply and the course will continue as an online course.

Private lessons

Agreed individual lessons must be cancelled at the latest by 18:00 the day before. If the individual class takes place at the weekend, the cancellation must be made by Friday 15:00 at the latest. If the cancellation is made on time, the fees will be refunded or the individual lesson postponed.


Participation in the course, even outside the premises, is at your own risk. The ” EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH” is not liable for accidents, damages, loss of valuables, personal belongings, money etc.

Furthermore, the participants are liable for any damage caused by them and are obliged to pay compensation.

Health Insurance

Participants are not insured by “EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH” for their stay in Berlin. Please contact our office for further information.

Photos and Films

For advertising purposes, photos and film recordings can be taken after announcement. If you do not consent to this, please inform us in advance.