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With Corona Learning Guarantee

Online Conversation Course with Corona Learning Guarantee

Our Corona Learning Guarantee will guarantee the continuation of your course, no matter how much the freedom of movement will be limited due to the Corona crisis.

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Social Interactions, despite of Corona!

Meet our native-speaking teacher and other students in our interactive conversation course! In this course you have the opportunity to meet other people and stay in contact while at the same time improving your language skills, despite of any movement regulations because of Corona. Here you have the possibility of meeting people, talking a lot, laughing and enjoying yourself twice a week!

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Online-Conversation Course for German and English

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You have difficulty expressing yourself clearly and feel insecure in using the language correctly? Our online conversation course will support you to improve your language skills quickly and efficiently. 

Speak with our native-speaking teacher and the other students in your small group and improve your language skills quickly. Our online conversation course will provide you with new, challenging topics every week. Trust our experienced teacher to support you in using the language, to correct you when necessary and to always be there if you have questions or need anything. 

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2 appointments per week, 1,5 hours each


3:30 pm – 5:00 pm


3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

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