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With easy-to-understand explanations and interactive exercises, you learn to use the English grammar more effectively in everyday and professional situations. In a small group of 8 to 10 participants, you are be able to speak continuously and take an active part in the lessons. A native and experienced English-speaking teacher introduces you to specific topics of the English grammar and supports you intensively in your learning process. With interactive training methods you effectively study in a relaxed environment. This gives you the opportunity to have fun while learning English. With the help of this special English course you can improve and deepen your knowledge of the English grammar.

  • Have fun learning English grammar!
  • More confidence in the use of it!
  • Speak more fluently and make fewer mistakes!

English grammar course

Interactive Online Course
4 weeks
1x per week
6:00pm – 9:00pm
only 112€ for 4 weeks

12 full hours per course

Experienced native Teachers

Interactive Teaching Methods

Limited to 8-10 Participants

To whom is this grammar course addressed?

Do you already speak English fluently, but would still need some grammar tuition? Or perhaps you have learned German some time ago and just want to repeat the grammar? Are you learning English at the moment and want to correct specific weaknesses in individual grammar topics? Then this course is the right choice for you! Here you can learn and / or refresh the English grammar.

Are students from all levels in the same course?

Yes, in this English course there are students from different levels. Usually, however, participants have a slightly more advanced level (at least B1), as they only want to repeat or improve English grammar, but not learn it from scratch. This is done in the English beginner courses of level A1 and A2.


Check out our course calendar to find the class in your language level.


Possible topics in our English grammar course:

The topics depend entirely on the wishes of the course participants. Since we allow a maximum number of 10 students per course, the teacher can very well take their wishes and needs into account. In this way you can specifically work on and correct your weaknesses with the English grammar.

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Advantages of our English course for learning grammar:

+ Fast progress in small groups

+ Friendly and comfortable learning atmosphere

+ Personal and professional advice

+ Targeted correction of weaknesses with the English grammar

+ Know to speak and write English better → more success in your professional and private life in Berlin

Learn English with us from Sprachinstitut Berlin. We offer:

  • Lively language application,
  • active comprehension exercises,
  • dynamic approach to the English language,
  • and variable use of language.
  • This guarantees rapid progress and lasting success.

Join us (and hundreds of happy students) now and take your English to the next level. Sprachinstitut Berlin – the professional berlin language school with heart.

English grammar course:

4 weeks
1x per week
6:00pm – 9:00pm
only 112€ for 4 weeks

Interactive Online Course

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For B1 and above

Only 112€