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Sprachinstitut Berlin offers you customized German or English language courses, tailored to your company needs. In a personal consultation you can choose between our existing course programs or we design a suitable company course for your requirements. The course content will be based on your industry, your preferred subjects and the previous knowledge of the participants. This will allow a quick improvement of the previously acquired language skills. The time, place and duration of the course can be defined individually. Our experienced, native speaking instructors can hold the course at our well-equipped facility in Berlin or in your company. Additional travel costs may occur in case of extended travel times to training locations.

In our company course your colleagues will be able to quickly and efficiently acquire a professional working knowledge of German. Please contact us for a personal consultation: 


Our Service to You

 Precise evaluation of existing language skills

 Competent, native-speaking Instructors

 Flexibility in time and place of the course

 Interactive classes based on previously defined subjects & requirements

Continuous feedback and course adaptation

 Certification of Attendance

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German and English Seminars

Offer your colleagues the possibility to develop their language skills and support their team spirit at the same time. We offer different opportunities to enhance your co-workers’ language skills and possibly improve customer and employee satisfaction at the same time. 

Our ready-made line of seminars support your colleagues in expressing themselves in a German or English business environment. 

Business Seminar for German or English

12 hours à 60 minutes
maximum 10 participants
including learning material
1026€ plus tax

Every seminar comprises 12 hours à 60 minutes and can be held in a block session (2 days, 6 hours each) or as a regular lesson (8 weeks, 1,5 hours each week) either in our classroom or in your office. We recommend a course size of 5-8 participants. 




This seminar comprises the common phrases and vocabulary used in presentations. Here it is possible to improve presentation skills in a foreign language. In an informal environment one is able to practice and improve presentation skills in German or English.

German or English
native-speaking teachers
12 hours à 60 minutes 

You feel like your team is unsure about customer contact via telephone? In this seminar one can build up more confidence in speaking on the phone in a foreign language. Native-speaking teachers will guide the learning process and support your speaking skills. 

German or English
native-speaking teachers
12 hours à 60 minutes

It is important in meetings to present oneself confident and determined. In this seminar one will learn different sayings and phrases to be used in German or English meetings.


German or English
native-speaking teachers
12 hours à 60 minutes