Toefl Test Preparation

max. 8 Participants

Interactive Class

native-language teacher

30 hours per course

 TOEFL Test Preparation Course in Central Berlin

The Test of English as a Foreign Language is a standardized test widely accepted by various companies and universities in the U.S. In this course one of our native-language teachers will train you for the reading and listening comprehension parts, as well as help you improve your written and spoken expressions. Based on previous test questions you will be guided through interactive exercises in order to help you improve your English and prepare yourself for the TOEFL test.

Reading Comprehension
Listening Comprehension
Written Expression

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Information about the TOEFL preparation course in central Berlin


Intensive Course

2 weeks = 1 course
5 days per week
each 3 hours per day

Monday to Friday
3:00pm – 6:00pm


 What will I learn in this TOEFL preparation course?

In this course, the teacher’s main focus lies on ways to strengthen the student’s weak points. Based on the student’s current language level, specific topics will be thoroughly reviewed and practiced in order to allow the student to achieve the best possible TOEFL test result.

Tips on time organization
 Strategies to improve your score
 Practice individual parts of the TOEFL test based on real examples
Direct feedback on your current skills
 Individual tips on both the independent and integrated speaking and writing parts


You will be supported by our native-language experts during your preparation for the TOEFL test. It is important that you already possess the language knowledge you wish to attain in the TOEFL test. The preparation course will include the strategic and structured preparation of the test. You will be fully prepared with the help realistic test situations and strategic instructions.

Is the TOEFL test included in the course?

The TOEFL test is not included in the course. Therefore, it is necessary that you register separately at one of the TOEFL Test Centers in order to take the test.

Information about the TOEFL Test

What is the TOEFL test?

The TOEFL test is a computer-based test, standardized to be held in the same way all over the world. This test is based on academic English and is therefore more useful for participants in the B1 level or above.

The whole TOEFL Test is taken on a computer and challenges the participant’s time management. Therefore, the participant would need to learn a very structured and time efficient technique before taking the test. The duration of the test is 4 hours in total, with a short 10 minute break after about 2 hours. Each part of the test is restricted to a certain time period.

 4 hour test with a 10 minute break
 computer-based (also the speaking part)
 American English (AE)
no additional utilities allowed (e.g. dictionary)

Why do I need the TOEFL test?

The TOEFL is a certified test that is known all over the world. With this test you can confirm your current language level in English. Most international universities and companies ask for this test as a confirmation of your language level. Please keep in mind that the test is only valid for 2 years.

How is the TOEFL test structured?


60-80 minutes
3-4 texts with 12-14 multiple-choice questions


60-90 minutes
4-6 readings with 6 multiple-choice questions each


20 minutes
6 tasks with 45-60 seconds per answer


20 minutes for integrated writing
30 minutes for independent writing

Which points can I reach in the TOEFL test?

The maximum one can get is 120 points.

A1: 9 to 29 points
A2: 30 to 42 points
B1: 43 to 71 points
B2: 72 to 94 points
C1: 95 to 120 points

Your language level is not high enough to reach the desired score ?

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