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Escape your language level
21 Apr 2017

Escape Your Language Level

Can you solve the language puzzles and escape your language level? Are you ready for the next level? Find out during our Language Escape Game!

Our ‘Language Escape’

for German and English


Everything is about the language

In this special Escape Game, you and other language learners need to solve interactive and language-related puzzles and find clues to find the solution of the Escape Game.

A number of grammar and vocabulary related puzzles will lead to the solution of the mystery of Sprachinstitut Berlin.

The game includes multiple tasks of the language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages so that you can prove that you have reached an advanced level.

English Language Escape B2

One of our teachers, Jimmy Davis, found an innovative way that makes learning languages easier for his students. However, he now had to flee the country and needs your help. But what has happened?

This is for you to find out: Mr. Davis left language clues for you at Sprachinstitut Berlin. These enable you to solve puzzles and find your teacher’s research results.

What you need in order to solve the language riddles are patience, teamwork, inspiring ideas and a good knowledge of the English language.

So if you want to test your English level in a fun and inspiring environment and enjoy working with others in a team, this Escape room is a great opportunity for you.

German Language Escape A2

After your last German lesson, your teacher left for her summer vacation. However, she did leave some tasks for you. Can you solve these and escape the rooms of the Sprachinstitut Berlin or do you have to spend your vacation here?

To enjoy your holiday, you have to search for clues in the rooms and solve interactive language riddles.

But note: You only have 60 minutes to escape the room. Within this time you have to find the clues and solve the riddles.

If you want to test your German A2 level in a combination with fun and teamwork, this is the ideal Escape Game for you.

 But what are Escape games?

Escape games are live action games in which a group of participants has to find clues and solve puzzles within one hour in order to save the earth, solve a mystery or crime or go through a different scenario with the aim to escape the room. There are no limits of scenarios and themes for Escape rooms.

How can you join our Escape Game?

To participate in our first German edition of the Escape Fame on the 9th of June at 4 pm, register via the contact form below. The participation costs only 10€ per person and has to be paid before the game begins. Students of the Sprachinstitut Berlin can join the game for free.

You can either register with a group of friends or come alone. This is also a great way of meeting new people. The groups for the game are of maximum 6 people, so be fast and safe a spot at our Escape Game!


We are looking forward to seeing you at our Language Escape Game!

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