How do I find the suitable course for me?

After registration, we will determine your language level. This is done through a written and oral placement test. According to this classification, we are happy recommend the right course for your level.

How many participants are in one course?

We have a maximum of 8 participants per class. Regularly, our classes contain around 4 to 6 participants.

Can I book more than one course in a month?

It is possible to visit multiple courses simultaneously. Especially popular, is the combination of grammar and conversation course. We are happy to advise you on this topic in our office.

Can I change the course time?

Your course time remains the same within one month. For the following month you may change the course time according to your wishes. However, please note that some course times get fully booked very early.

How can I reserve a course?

A course can be reserved in our office. We guarantee you a fixed course place for you up until a certain date. If the course is not paid by then, we will no longer be able to guarantee a place for you.

How do I get my course book?

You are welcome to purchase your course book on the first day in our office. Some of our teachers tend to work with other course books, which can be found in standard bookstores.

Will there be a test at the end of my course?

There is no official examination at the end of the course. But our teachers decide, according to the course level and student preference, whether to write an exam at the end or even during the course.

How do I receive an admission letter for my visa?

After booking the course we provide you with a confirmation of registration, which can be used for the visa application. Unfortunately, we do not provide you with a “conditional admission” as German Universities do.

How can I pay for my course?

You can pay in our office by credit, debit card or in cash. From abroad you have the possibility of paying the course fees via bank transfer or Paypal.

Can I cancel my course?

A course may be cancelled 14 days prior to it’s first day, and the fees paid will be refunded. In the event that you are refused the visa, the course fees will be refunded up to seven (7) days prior to the first day, if corresponding proof is presented.

You also have the option of booking a cancellation insurance in case of a non-attendance of the course (prior to the start of the course) or in the event that you discontinue a course (during the course). This insurance coverage is only valid for one booked course.

à Cancellation insurance for non-attendance of the course (prior to course start)
With this insurance, you can cancel the course up to one day before the start of the course. The additional cost is 5 % of the course fees.

à Cancellation insurance in case of discontinuation of a course (during the course)
With this insurance, you can cancel the course before and during the course and get the proportionate course fee refunded. The additional cost is 10 % of the course fees.

The charge for the cancellation insurance will not be refunded.