Terms and Conditions


You have the option of registering for a language course online and in our office. The registration is followed by a placement test. The course is only booked once the course fee has been paid and you have received confirmation. Should you need a visa, plan at least two months for the visa application process.

Minimum age

The minimum age for participating in a language course is 16 years.

Accuracy of personal data

Upon entering your personal data when registering, you are confirming the accuracy of such data. If an incorrect placement occurs due to lack of information or assistance during the placement test, the course fees will not be refunded.

Reservation of a course

A course will be reserved for you for a maximum of five (5) days. Should no payment be received by then, the reservation will expire.

Course fees

The course fee as well as the voluntary payment of cancellation insurance are to be paid in full in advance. These fees may be paid in cash, via debit card, bank transfer or PayPal. “EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH” shall not bear the cost of any bank transfer fees incurred for payments made from abroad.


The payment of the course fee and other costs may be made in cash or via debit card (Maestro or VPay) in our office or via bank transfer or PayPal in advance.


Books for different courses are offered in the office. Books are not included in the course fee and may be purchased in the office during opening hours. In some exceptional cases, teachers may use additional books that are not offered by the school. Used books cannot be exchanged.

Rebooking of courses

You may change courses (time or month) up to 14 days before the course starts.

Cancellation policy

A course may be cancelled 14 days prior to the beginning of the course and the fees paid will be refunded. In the event that you are refused a visa, the course fees will be refunded up to seven (7) days prior to the beginning of the course if corresponding proof is presented.

In case of cancellation of more than three (3) courses a handling fee of € 45 is payable.

You also have the option of booking cancellation insurance in case of a non-attendance of the course (prior to the start of the course) or in the event that you discontinue a course (during the course). This insurance coverage is only valid for one booked course.

  • Cancellation insurance for non-attendance of the course (prior to course start)

With this insurance, you can cancel the course until one day before the start of the course. The additional cost is 5 % of the course fees.

  • Cancellation insurance in case of discontinuation of a course (during the course)

With this insurance, you can cancel the course before and during the course and get the proportionate course fee refunded. The additional cost is 10 % of the course fees.

The charge for the cancellation insurance will not be refunded.

Booking a subsequent course

A subsequent course will not be automatically be booked. Please register for subsequent courses in good time at the office.

Minimum number of participants

The minimum number of participants for a course is five (5) people. Should the minimum number of participants not be reached, “EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH” reserves the right to:

  • change the course time
  • shorten the course
  • offer a replacement
  • cancel the course and refund the course fee

You will be notified of any changes via email or telephone at least three (3) business days before the course starts. Should you not agree to these changes, “EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH” will refund the course fee.


There will be no refund of the course fee due to irregular attendance or non-attendance of the paid course. If a subsequent course is booked, a new placement test will be required.


At the end of the course a free certificate of attendance will be issued.

Differing or cancelled appointments

The teacher may arrange different course times with the students. Should a class be cancelled due to the illness of a teacher, class will be made up for on another day.

“EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH” will not refund the course fee if the course is cancelled due to force majeure.


No classes are held on public holidays. However, the teacher may decide whether the missed days will be made up for at the end of the month on a course-free day. Should there be no course-free day at the end of the month, the teacher may agree a different time with the group or may hold the course on a Saturday.

Private lessons

Arranged private lessons must be cancelled by no later than 6pm on the previous day. If the private lesson is held on a weekend, cancellation must occur by no later than 3pm on the Friday. A private lesson can only be postponed or the fees refunded if the cancellation has taken place by the deadline specified.


Participation in a course, even outside of our course rooms, is undertaken at your own risk. The “EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH” is not liable for accidents, damages or loss of valuables, personal items, money, etc.

Furthermore, Participants are responsible for damages caused by themselves and are liable for indemnification.

Health insurance

Participants are not provided with health insurance by “EinsA Sprachinstitut Berlin Privatsprachschule GmbH” during their stay in Berlin. You can obtain more information on this from our office.

Photographs and films

Photographs and films may be recorded for promotional purposes and such recordings will be announced. Should you not consent to this, please let us know in advance.